We as a fishing family have always been at the leading edge in improving our ships. From open botters, where the fishermen were exposed to the cold and hardships and had virtually no comfort, to modern ships that are becoming increasingly safer.

With this progress came new challenges. The ships became increasingly larger and were made more power. In the late nineties, we decided to experiment with smaller ships and other fishing techniques. After many years this resulted in a fleet that consumed much less fuel than the traditional bottom trawling.

Fishing Techniques

Our four ships use twin rig fishing, a form of fishing that has improved considerably thanks to continued experimentation. Twin rig fishing is a sustainable fishing technique that almost completely avoids contact with the seabed and is much more selective in catching the fish.

We are pleased that more and more people want to enjoy healthy, sustainable and delicious fish. We continue to experiment with our fishing techniques, with respect for nature. Our customers reward our efforts with a growing demand for North Sea fish. To meet this demand our fleet is being expanded to include a new ship, which will sail on the North Sea in 2016.




'Louwe Sr.'


'Good Hope'


'Henk Sr.'


'Jannetje Cornelis'




'Jacoba Maria'